At Catena Space we do our day jobs differently. We deliver projects that we care about in technology, education, training & strategy for the space sector.

Other types of amazing also available.

Who we are

Catena Space Ltd. (CSL) is a space sector technology and project consultancy firm. The business is based upon a service model – operating with low overheads and working in a flexible, distributed fashion calling on experts as and when required. CSL is motivated by delivering projects of interest and value, and in doing more than mere ‘paper studies’. The founders bring a broad range of expertise from across the industry, including public and private organisations, and academia. Well connected throughout the UK and European industry, Catena Space offers responsive and affordable collaborations and services for traditional space business as well as newcomers.

What we do


  • Systems design, analysis, and reviews (e.g. reliability analysis, PDR/CDR support).
  • Bespoke training courses.
  • General project-based consultancy.
  • Coordination, preparation or evaluation of technical or business proposals.
  • Requirements and interface definition and management; test design and coverage analysis.
  • Product development.
  • Operational support.


  • Business strategy and innovation management.
  • System modelling.
  • Prototyping concepts in hardware and/or software.
  • Propulsion design and analysis.
  • Avionics and control system design.
  • Mission analysis, service modelling and access.
  • Custom electronic/software solutions.
  • Listening. We love figuring out how we can help you and your ideas.

Recent Work

UKSA LaunchUK Roadshow

UKSA hosted a series of 6 roadshows during late 2017 to bring together stakeholders and engage with the supply chain for UK launch services. As part of this, CSL delivered a session at each roadshow event explaining the technicalities of launch, the history of launch in the UK and internationally and how we can learn from this to develop a viable and successful future for launch in the UK.


An advanced web-based platform funded by the European Commission as part of Horizon2020, to capture, analyse, and explore space research around the continent. In collaboration with 3 SMEs and a technology centre, Catena Space built the consortium, developed the proposal, and are leading definition work packages and validation of the platform. Check out for details and how to get involved.

Training Needs and Opportunities Workshop

A 1-day workshop for any organisations in the space industry who have something to say about training, skills, and challenges.

Get in touch if you would like to receive the summary report from this workshop.

SNUGS: Next Generation Ground Segment

With a technology grant from NSTP/UKSA, Catena Space are developing a concept for a next-generation user ground segment system built on a public API. Prototyping is underway, and the first end-to-end demonstration is planned for summer 2017.

Access to Space Course

In response to questions about the 5 priority themes of the Innovation and Growth Strategy, Catena Space designed and delivered a 1-day short course in ‘Access to Space’. Hosted by the London Mathematical Society, the course attracted academic, industrial, and space agency participants for a first walk through the main challenges and solutions in access to space. A re-run is being prepared – look out for it!




Deploying the Incubator Network

Following on from our definition study project for the UK Space Agency, we are working with SetSquared to deliver the operational network of space business incubators.

SLIP Processor

Catena are developing a very high performance numeric processor concept for onboard data handling, with support from industry partners. Higher performance, better accuracy, algorithmic robustness, and lower power consumption than the state of the art – all at the same time. Get in touch if you want to know more.

This work is funded by the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation and Space Technology.

Rethinking the requirements can lead to innovative solutions.

Operations Training Course – 2015 and 2016

In partnership with Goonhilly Earth Station and Scisys, Catena defined and delivered the UK’s first hands-on space mission operations training course. 26 participants from 10 countries joined us for a week of learning and practising everything there is to know about how spacecraft and their ground segments are monitored and controlled. A second successful course was delivered in June 2016. Get in touch if you want to hear about the next one…

We enjoy doing projects that push boundaries, and are fun!

European H2020 Funding for Space SMEs

During October 2015 Catena were invited by the KTN to deliver a briefing in London about the Horizon 2020 space theme, and how to develop a winning proposal. Multiple Catena team members have been involved in proposal evaluations for both European and UK competitive calls for R&D grants.

We can review and improve almost any bid, and bring working knowledge of what will happen to it when it goes into the assessment process.

UK Spaceport Consultation

During October 2014 Catena Space prepared an independent response to the CAA’s consultation process related to a possible future UK Spaceport.

As one of the few respondents without stakeholder bias, we presented a development rationale based upon a demonstrable short-term market for vertical wingless launch and cost-effective reuse of existing facilities. Catena appears in several discussion points in the UK government’s response to the consultation.

Independent, but with strong experience of industrial, agency, and academic contexts for space sector activity.

Small Launcher COTS Avionics

Catena Space supported Newton Launch Systems in applying for an innovation voucher. The project was funded by InnovateUK and delivered by the Surrey Space Centre.

Preparing focused technical proposals requires domain expertise in the project scope, but also understanding of the funding mechanisms, opportunities, and constraints.

Incubator Network Study

Catena delivered a definition study project to the UK Space Agency about a future network of space business incubators, recognising the ongoing activities around the country, and opportunities for greater value and synergy.

The network is now being developed, and launched in early 2016.

We are small, and depend on our partners who trust us to deliver. This project is about maximising future collaborations for as many organisations as possible.